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Become a Technology Partner for our customers 

SeibaEdisa was founded 30 years ago with the focus to develop a structure able to cooperate with main OEM and become for them an important technology partner.


We are specialist in electric engineering and solutions for automation: machine wiring, control panels and software to control industrial processes. 


A knowledgeable team, production and office area of 1200 mq and experience developed on different markets makes SeibaEdisa a reliable partner


Why choosing SeibaEdisa?

We are a well known technology partner, able to support customers during engineering, production and installation of industrial automations.
The values that drive us are:
  • Compentence in project analysis
  • Care to handle customers' information and sensible data
  • Punctual delivery and problem solving oriented
  • Top service & products quality 

The company

  • Headquarter: 1200 sqm
  • N.21 people 
  • Divisions:
    • Engineering
    • Software development
    • Control panels and machine wiring
    • Logistic department
    • Omron: PLC software & hardware, HMI, inverter, azionamenti, safety.
    • Siemens: PLC software & hardware, HMI, inverter, drives.
    • Schneider: PLC software & hardware.
    • Progea Movicon: supervision software 
    • SCE: HMI program.
    • Kernel: HMI program , PLC software & hardware
    • Autocad and Spac drawing software
    • Full Test 4058 e 4050 HT, control panels electric tests

Certifications & recognitions

OmroOmron has given SeibaEdisa Srl an important national recognition for the construction of a large automation plant with PLC featuring and important safety innovations.

We collaborate with several companies since our foundation, today they are multinational market leaders and the partnership established more than 30 years ago still continues. This allowed us to become competent in various industrial sectors like: Ceramics, End of Line and Logistics, Agri-Food, Biomedical, Food and Ecology.


In particular, we have been partners in the co-design of state-of-the-art tinting systems, created the first prototypes of machines for glass cutting and made the first electrical panels and systems for kilns and driers for ceramics and bricks.


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Technology Partner for industrial excellence

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