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In the heart of the mechanics valley, our technology leads.

Sectors & Skills

Our knowledge has been generated in the main market sectors of the manufacturing industries. Born in the heart of "Ceramicland", SeibaEdisa has grwon with a clear focus: being an added value for its customers.

Much more than control panels...

Engineering, design and  manufacturing of electrical installations and software for industrial automation and process control

What can we do for you today? At SeibaEdisa we know that your needs are always evolving and we are here to help you to manage processes, make your production more automatic and manage producion data.

SeibaEdisa supplies technology for your needs. Our team is able to give you ohardware & software solutions to get the most from your production process  


From the close partnership with our customers new and technologically advanced products have been engineered. 


  • Looking for a partner able to give you up-to-date solutions?​​​
  • Do you want concrete answers? 
  • Do you think people can still make the difference?
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Address:      Viale Falzarego, 26 - 41049 Sassuolo (MO)
Telephone:  +39 0536.80.77.40
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