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Advanced electronic for new markets needs

Technical specifications

  • Productivity: up to 120 bins/h 
  • Detection of colour, logo, breaks, bottom types, objects presence and size
  • Integrity control and accurate measurement of bins
  • Vision system for dry and wet surface. Possibility to add or change parameters and detection criterias
  • Local database data storage, user data images, inspected bin datas and possible offline rework

  • Bins Labelling with inspection datas (optional)

  • Tag, Rfid or barcode reading system available (optional)

The search for the smallest detail is where Lince's work begins

Lince K1200 - Bins & tanks inspection system

Bins inspection system, suitable to check for inside & outside and able to work with wet or dry bins. It can assist automatic bins handling and stocking systems increasing safety, qulity and efficiency of production cycles. LINCE K1200 is equipped with the most advanced technologies: high resolution cameras, specific optical devices, tailor made lighting systems. last generation software, with simple and effective HMI, has been developed with a special algorithm to acquire bins datas, giving precise information on its condition. stored files permit to generate statistics on the whole amount of checked bins.


Energy savings

Energy savings by sending to wash cycle just the bins that need it, zero downtime by giving information and removing the damaged bins, money savings by reducing bins damage and statistics generation able to inform and remove the damage causes.

Fast inspection cycle 

Controls are contactless by means of high resolution cameras, a fast sequence of light flash and lasers detects the bin, the PC process the 3D image and the PLC drives the process and the final report

Effective & Flexible

Detects cracks and breaks, residuals, objects (even small ones) into the bin, can sort by colour, is able to check logos and bottom types. Bin base accurate measure up to 0.01 mm that can bring to possible breaks

Industry 4.0

Can be connected with the exhisting company net and production process, on line, off line and remote, by means of PC and PLC safety. Lince K1200 is equipped with remote control. It increases the production efficency. It stores datas of every single bin to be used to increase safety and efficency.

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