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Software for industrial automation

Needs and differences, our goal is to understand customers' needs and create PC, PLC and Supervision software solutions able to satisfy the new demands from the market.

Control panels engineering & wiring

First class suppliers choice like Omron, Siemens, Schneider, gives top quality standards of our products, engineered and wired from a team of skilled people with wide experience on automation and processes. 

Machines wiring 

Mobility and flexibility allows SeibaEdisa to react in short term to many wiring needs. Our team is able to handle different wiring demands from simple machines to more complex ones.

Industrial systems 

We engineer, make and give a final certification of electrical systems, new or upgrades, to handle your production process in compliance with current regulations.

Looking for turnkey solution?

We'll do that! We are the right partner for your new projects. We study together with you the functioning logic, take care about each single component, develop the software and make control panels and machine wiring. We offer you the TURNKEY SOLUTION.

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